About Me!

There are two types of people I tend to come across. Those that leave things to chance and those that take full personal responsibility and seek to secure the best future for themselves and their families. 

As you have arrived at my website and are reading this page, I know you are the 2nd type and are looking to make your family’s future secure.

My background is over 20 years in social care working first with children, then with the homeless, going on to addictions and mental health. From there I worked in Elder care and finally severe learning difficulties and terminally ill.  My nature being to care for people.

From there, seeking a less stressful work life, I launched a very successful Pet Services company at a time when there were very few around. That was 17 years ago and from there I discovered the real world of working for yourself in a traditional, home based business.  Being of service to you is my life. Therefore when I was looking for a change of career, pace and to reclaim some time for grandchildren, I retrained as a Will Writer and Estate Planner. 

Hence the next chapter.

Why did I choose Writing Wills as my next career? Not a logical progression one would say, but when my father passed away I realised what an incredibly important document a Will is. He had only done his a few years previously, with some persuasion, and was I, as his executor, glad he had. Had he died intestate, without a Will, I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been winding up his estate. It made such a huge impact on me going through the process of probate etc that I decided that the way forward for me was to help others with their estate planning.

I spent a while looking at the different training courses and avenues to get my qualification and when I found the Society of Will Writers, who are the leading self regulatory organisation world wide  of Will Writers, I decided they were the organisation to train with.

The Society vets practitioners through stringent membership  requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training.

I completed my Will writing and Estate Management course through their College of Will Writing and passed with flying colours, (90%) in fact my tutor was the Director General of the Society himself, Brian McMillan.

From there I applied to become  a Member of The Society of Will Writers and was accepted. I comply with their Code of Compliance and you can see our Client and Member Charters on the T’s & C’s page of this website.

I strive to give you the best service possible in a professional and ethical manner>



Intrigued? Want to know more? Meet some amazing people I have worked with and see what they have to say before making your mind up.


Inspirational is one of many words I would use to describe Emma Dufeu. Over the past 5 years she has always been there ready to assist, mentor and coach me and always with enthusiasm and a smile

Detta Pendry Business Owner


The support and coaching you get is brilliant. Emma goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

Sam Business Owner


I have worked with Emma for several years. She is very talented and has great knowledge and enthusiasm to pass on to her clients.

Diane Holliday Executive Coaching, Business and personal Mentoring