About Me!

There are two types of people in this world. Those that leave their personal financial success in the hands of their employers and those that take full personal responsibility and build their own future.

You may be a bit like me, a little sceptical, not a risk taker and far too busy being busy to take on something new.

15 years ago, after over 20 stressful years working in social care, I made the decision to work for myself. I decided to take control and dipped my toes in the self employed water. Beginning my solo adventure creating a very successful Pet Services company and from there discovered the real world of working for yourself in a traditional home based business.  Long, unsociable hours, no days off or holidays unless you booked them out of your diary months in advance.  Never having enough time or money at the end of my month to do anything and I craved a life beyond work. Hence the next chapter.

I was introduced to a new way of working. Team marketing or Network Marketing. Basically it is marketing a service or product through a network of small business owners, you multiply your time and get paid for helping others be successful. Anyone can do it, but to be successful at it, you need to be focused, 100% committed and willing to learn a new, modern way of working. 

As I see it, you have two options…

Walk away now and go back to doing what you’ve always done or grab the future by the horns and reach out to me today. Get in touch via this website. Or look me up on FaceBook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I’m happy to connect on social media. If you’d like to receive my bi-monthly newsletter/blog with tips, webinars, trainings and free stuff, sign up today. 

Embrace The Future, It’s shiny!

If you would really like to take control of your future, seriously, not just a pipe dream, then we can show you how. It takes time, hard work and some new skills, so you need to be serious about changing things. Along with my fabulous team, we dedicate a lot of time and effort to give you the resources and coaching to accomplish your dream of working for yourself and realising an amazing future for you and your family. I think you are worth it, I hope you do too. Get in touch with me today if you think your future is shiny!




Intrigued? Want to know more? Meet some amazing people I have worked with and see what they have to say before making your mind up.


Inspirational is one of many words I would use to describe Emma Dufeu. Over the past 5 years she has always been there ready to assist, mentor and coach me and always with enthusiasm and a smile

Detta Pendry Business Owner


The support and coaching you get is brilliant. Emma goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

Sam Business Owner


I have worked with Emma for several years. She is very talented and has great knowledge and enthusiasm to pass on to her clients.

Diane Holliday Executive Coaching, Business and personal Mentoring