Testimonials Yes or No

How important are testimonials  to your brand?  You may think “no”, not sure they would make any difference or you may be a “yes” I’m sure they would make a difference. It goes without saying that prospective clients and customers will read testimonials about you and your company to suss out whether to do business with you. In this age of “googling” people and businesses, I believe that having testimonials available for your customers to read, helps for them to form an opinion of you, your business, your brand and that could mean the difference between them the next step or not.

If you haven’t already, go back to your satisfied clients and customers, they will be happy to write a short testimonial about you and their experience doing business with your company. Genuine feedback is priceless and will add to your international brand and reputation quicker than anything else you can do. You know that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing strategy. That’s what your testimonials do for you. They are written word of mouth recommendations.

Don’t forget to let them know that theirs may go on your website and that they are happy for that to happen.

Happy clients make for successful marketing and a shiny future!



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